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Listing Books on FBA

Listing Books on FBA

Login to Accelerlist but going to www.Accelerlist.com.

Your login information is:

You will click the BLUE BUTTON “Create Batch”

Once in “Create a New Batch” you will complete the following sheet below.

  • Add the next sequential number for Batch Number.
  • For “Use Customer Template SKU” select “Yes“.
  • Skip “Select Custom Template”
  • For “Shipping From” select “26 Enterprises LLC“.
  • For Channel select “(FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon“.
  • For Labeling Preference” select “I want to label my products“.
  • For “Workflow Type” select “Private“.

Once this is completed you will click “Create Batch”

Next you will be taken into actually list the books. Before doing this there is some prep work you need to do to setup the SKU’s and information for our listings.